Review received on 9/9/2020 

Gentleman Jack Rocks! 

Gentleman Jack is a group of very talented professional musicians from the Holyoke area. They play an awesome mixture of favporite 60',s blues and classic rock that brings back fond memories. The band recently played an outdoor concert in Agawan and at the VFW in Holyoke and was well received by the audience, in fact they have been invited back for several more performances. The sound is well mixed and each instrument is clearly defined with vocals that are upfront and never buried. The band is constantly adding new material to the setlist. At the last concert at the VFW I was blown away by their performance of California Dreamin', a song I had not heard them do previously and the Harmonies were superb. You don't hear many bands attempt this song because the vocals are so difficult to emulate. 
Gentleman jack delighted the audience throughout the night with songs from the Beatles , the Rollings Stones, Van Morrison and Creedence (CCR) and many more favorites. The VFW is bordered on the Connecticut River and Pulaski Park, it is a very warm and scenic spot and a magical moment occurred as the band played The CCR hit "Green River" and a flock of seagulls suddenly appeared and circled the area for duration of the song and then disappeared again. I guess Seagulls really like that song. All in all a very enjoyable evening had by all. I can't wait to hear them again. 

Reviewer: Steve Skrok 
Event Date: August 22nd, 2020 
Services Provided: Classic Rock Band, Cover Band 

Rating: 5 out of 5